let’s write – a poem by sanya sohal

Let’s write

We should write a song
A song about these lost souls
A song about the shattered hope
A song about these guarded hearts
A song about their forced courage
But no one wants to hear sad songs
So let’s write poetry instead.

So let’s write
About a boy
A little nothing
Who ran from his home of hate
To a world positively brimming with it
Who broaden his small little shoulders
And straightened his spine
While he shivered with cold and nightmares in the night
about this liitle boy who grows into a man
A man with no love ever given
And none received
Who rises to rule
His heart ,black,like his hair.jet black
And the world cowers in fear
While he still shivers at night
But now only with nightmares
So let’s write about his caged heart

So let’s write
About a woman with eyes of honey
With skin wrinkled with smiles
Let’s write about how her eyes go empty and silent
How her smiles become still;fixated
While she stares far away
As her memory stretches back
And she remembers every instance that she has been forced
By fate,life ,love ,or worse,herself
To smile through
She remembers her childhood dream;broken.
She recalls the first love who ran away
She remembers the stillborn daughter
The man she loved from afar
The crushing of a million silent prayers
The freedom she never gave herself
She always smiles
Not a tear shed
Not a frown marring her face
Never a sadness
But her smiles are not always true
about the secrets of her smile

So let’s write
About a young lady
Beautiful,fair,hair as red as fire
Sweet and gentle
Kind to everyone
Loved by everyone
Her family a cocoon of bliss
Let’s write about how she loses her mind every once in a while
How she hears voices calling out to her from nowhere
How she screams and shouts
Pulls at her hair
Messes up her perfect home
Scratches her skin
To be rid of the voices
The medicines won’t work
And the voices won’t leave her
about her broken mind

We leave our songs and strings behind for these tales.
must write.

-Sanya Sohal

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